Micovision is the preferred choice amongst small business and startups because we've based our organization around being cost effective and efficient. We've studied the best advertising and design agencies, business consultancies and do-it-yourself companies. We've learned how to streamline our team and process based on the research and we only pick the best and most cost effective solutions in web hosting and other vendors for disaster mitigation as downtime of servers and printing time is an added cost in itself.

In addition, we also view time as a currency and have the fastest turn around in the industry to develop anything. Take a website for example, while our competition takes about 3 to 6 months to develop a full brand from the business writing to branding to web development with full e-commerce... It takes us only 2.  

Though our pricing varies from project to project... client to client, we provide up front pricing packages because we want to earn your business as swift as possible so that we can get to the fun of building another amazing brand.

Website Launcher

For the Firestarters
  • 5-10 Pages
  • 03 Modifications
  • No Content Writing
  • No E-Commerce
  • Social Media (Add on)
  • Gallery
Innovators & Visionaries
  • 15-20 Pages
  • 10 Modifications
  • Full Content Writing
  • E-commerce Included (5 Items + Training for Expansion)
  • + More
Creative Services Package

This is a pricing chart used for developing logos, business cards and fliers. Each of these are it's own package. Please speak with our sales representative for an inclusive cost effective package that includes or a selection of these services.

For the Firestarters
  • 1-5 Logo Ideas
  • 2 Sets of Modifications after 1 selected from ideas
  • Color Scheme Separate
Innovators & Visionaries
  • 10-15 Ideas
  • 7 Modifications
  • 4 Color Logos
  • 4 Color Palettes
  • Brand Strategies
  • + More

Virtual Home Office Located in
Dublin OH, 43016 USA

Representatives in:
Orlando, FL
Portland, OR
Cincinnati, OH
Manila, PH

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