Frequently Asked Questions

How do you stay cost effective?

By substantially lowering labor times, using the best software and technology platforms and time saving solutions.

What kind of background does your team have?

John Valera, the founder started with a creative background and also studied business, psychology and philosophy. He's worked with some good companies in the food service industry, IT, non profits and more. John handpicks team members with similar experiences.

How quick can you respond to questions, concerns and comments?

Pretty well actually, this is why we are a leader in the industries that we serve. For example, if your website went down (like on a public holiday) we can restore or repair the site so that loss of business is mitigated.

Are your websites mobile friendly?

Technically speaking, we use the latest versions of Joomla content management with Helix3 is constructed in Twitter Bootstrap 3.x, offering an interface that is fully responsive to the device. We also test it on several mobile devices for you.

Are your websites time tested?

A core foundation with MicoVision is to build and design time tested materials. We don't follow fads or trends just to be cool.

Why is the cost of doing business with Micovision lower with the quality of higher end agencies?

Micovision prices accordingly to the size of the businesses that we interact with and delivers only what is needed thus reducing billable costs. We also have a lean and talented team trained on getting straight to the point.

Word on the street is that you're fast, true?

Yes, if you wanted a website built for your new business today, we can have it up within 48 hours. We can set you up with access and provide you with training so that you can help us add content (only if you want to). It's the same system we use to add content. It's so easy that we can write and produce content as well in a short amount if time so that you can start getting our there and making some money.

What about safety and protection?

The short answer is that we have you covered. If you choose to have SSL security, your website is protected. In addition we also provide cyber security training and provide you with to ensure that your web presence is secure.

Disaster Recovery?

MicoVision has developed around disaster recovery and problem mitigation from past and present clients in particular from problem vendors of said clients and devised our own systems. Through back ups, redundancies and other breakthroughs in this area.

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